The One Show Project

This my edit of our “safe driving” one show project:



– Name of observer; Matt Smith

– Name of student being observed; Hugo Beanland

– What is this documentary about?       Driving safe

– What technical features have they used? Eg. Camera angles, movements, pace of editing, sound used etc.

– They used lots of wide shots; the pace of editing was good. It used lots of fading effects to move onto the next scene.

– Is the narrative clear? Please circle                   Yes                  No

– Any changes you would advise them to make?

– There is a blank screen that last for 15 seconds, I’m not sure if he has done this intentionally or he is trying to put more footage. There are a few cuts in-between and you should keep the bits when Hugo is answering the question to his Dad, which I think needs more work with. As a little note, I think you could add some music in the background but I understand it is not complete yet.

– Please explain why…

As it feels incomplete and it feels like it’s there just to expand the video the to the minimum length of the video but overall it’s a great start

The picture below show some of the paper work, notes, and feedback that I have used in the making of my One Show production. The first picture is a Risk Assessment and a Schedule. The next two pictures are from our Script outline. Then there are picture of the Release Forms that our contributors signed. The last two are notes and feed back that I used to improve my production.

DSC_0295DSC_0293DSC_0294 DSC_0291DSC_0292     DSC_0290-2DSC_0289

The One Show Project

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