Unit 29: Music Video Production – Assignment 1

Scenario: As a world-renowned expert on music videos, BBC Radio 1 has invited you to feature on a panel discussion about the history and origins of music videos, their various purposes within the film and music industries, and how their status has developed and changed over the years, and what it is like now. They have asked you to refer to at least thee specific music videos as examples to illustrate your points.

Task One: The three music videos that I have chosen that represent media hype or controvosy are; Robin Thicke – Blurred Lines ft. Pharrell Williams. Band Aid 30 – Do they know its christmas (2014). Sia – Elastic Heart.

1) Blurred Line = Negative Press. I chose to do ‘ Blurred Lines’ because it got a lot of bad press because of the content that was in it. There was a court case around the song that cover such subjects as; authorship, song credit, drug abuse and media promotion. The song has been heavily in the publics eye ever since it was released in 2013. However after a couple of months people stared to give it a bad name. The lyrics include “”good girl, you know you want it”. This line has been attacked as “kind of rapey” as said by Billboard magazine online. After this was said Robin Thicke was accused of misogyny. Soon after one complaint about the song another came through from the children of Marvin Gaye, who say that the song was a rip-off to his song “Got to Give it Up” in 1977.

2) Band Aid 30 (2014) = Good Press. ‘Do they know its christmas?’ now has two versions, directed and produced by the same two people, Bob Geldof and Midge Ure, however they are almost 30 decades apart. Most of the press around this song was positive in order to gain money that could help the crisis in West Africa. Bob Geldof said that he wish he didn’t have to make a new version but hope it reaches number 1 in that charts at christmas so that more money can go towards helping ebola in Africa. Geldof and Ure also hoped that the new faces of the song would help to generate more money for the single. These included, Ellie Goulding, One Direction, Edd Sheeran, Rita Ora and U2’s Bono.

3) Elastic Heart = Mixed Press. The reason that Sia’s new song has mixed press is because news has come out that the video is about her as a child and her abusive relationship with her father. Some have said that a video with this background message should not be allowed to be shown so publicly. The reason the song got good press is because other have said that the video make you sympathies with the songs lyrics. The song was released on the 7th of January 2015,  and by the 8th it had alread got 36 million views. Now on the 19th the song has reached 60 million, and people are still taking about it. Another reason why I think people like the video so much is because the actor Shia LaBeouf is in it, this get the media more interested in it.

What is the purpose of music videos? Modern day music videos are primarily used as a marketing devise, intended to promote the sale of music recordings for the artist and production company. Most videos tell a story or deliver a message that either links to the lyrics in the song, or to grab their attention making them more interested in the song/ album increasing promotions. Music videos are also a good for producers and directors to get their creativity across. Music videos have a wide range of styles, conventions and techniques that come across differently in each video. However the main reason for current music videos is to entertain the audience by letting them understand the lyrics though the narrative of the video

Unit 29: Music Video Production – Assignment 1

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