Music Video Production

Here is my Final Edit for my Music Video:

Ben Davis – ‘A Man of Many Names’

 For parts of my music video, you can see Ben Davis not singing, but the song is still playing as normal, some inspiration for this came from the ‘Red Hot Chili Peppers’, in a song of theirs ‘Can’t Stop’ you can see the lead singer not singing. I though this was quite a good effect that I wanted to try out. The inspiration for my abstract 3D effect that I put over the band also came from watching the ‘Red Hot Chili Peppers’. They use some coloured effects to outline some of the band members in their videos for ‘Under the Bridge’ and ‘By the Way’. I think that this give the audience something more too look at, rather than staring at a plan screen, adding interest to the video. I had wanted to use coloured powder or paint for a long time in a video, so I started to look at videos, such as tutorials and other places that it had been used. I came across a video called ‘Summadayze Colourfornia’. This made me want to shoot may idea in slow-motion. When it came to my filming days, I was using a standard Canon DSLR, and my Sony Xperia Z3. My plan was to change the speed of the footage in the editing stages, using Final Cut Pro X. However it looked jumpy, so I decided to leave it at full speed. This was due to the filming equipment I had available to me at the time. If I had a camera that could shoot in many different frame rates, I could have used the slow-motion idea.
After I had finished the music video, I emailed a link to Ben Davis, he said that he intends to use it to promote himself as an artist. He also said that he might be in touch to get a hard copy of the video.

 If I was to make another music video using paint powder, I would have pre-planned my locations more than I did. However because I didn’t have easy access to them this made it hard to do. When I went to Fulham to film Ben Davis, we spent the first day walking around to find locations that could look good when using the powder. This was not needed after Ben became unwell and wasn’t able to film. I had to re-story board, for when I drove to Portsmouth to film. I chose to shoot on the beach. My other location was on college ground, this is where I filmed the flour scenes.
What I think went well.
 I think that filming on the beach was a good idea because it contrasts with the colourful powder that is being thrown, it also goes with the tone of the music, light-hearted and ‘fun’. I also think that my other two locations worked well, the plain white background, with black t-shirts, and the same for the flour scene. These two locations and costumes, are meant to show the plain emotions being expressed in the music.
What Would I Do Differently?
When I filmed the paint powder, it would have been better to film somewhere less windy, this is because the paint separated before it hit the subject. I also would add in a narrative to it gives the viewer something else to follow, when watching the video.
Peer Comments
Callum Bailey – “I think the theme of your video very much suited the genre and style of your music, the use of the paint powder was very artistic and it suited the pace of the music. However I think, if you had added effects on post production it would have improved the quality of the video.”

Music Video Production

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