My 2015 ShowReel

As part of our film and TV course we had to create a Show reel with what we thought were our best bits from the productions we made thoughout the year. The show reel would be used to send to potential employers, this gives them a feel for what you are like and what you are capable of before they meet you.

My show reel covers everything from, animations that I have made, music videos, promotional videos, work expereice and trying out equiptment, such as the Oculus Rift.

Here is my Show reel:

I put in web address’ for my YouTube and WordPress account incase they wanted to see more of my work, for example the stype of my writting, how I write, and does it make sense? And the YouTube link lets them see what I have made in full, as the show reel is a short part of each.

My 2015 ShowReel

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